How Jason Sudeikis Got Olivia To Approach Him + Baby News

How Tom Brady got Gisele, or how Brad Pitt got Angelina probably isn’t a burning mystery for most guys.

You don’t need Nero Wolfe to figure out how Beckham got Posh Spice, or Kanye got Kim, or how Prince William got Kate.

But how did a pretty under-the-radar comic like Jason Sudeikis get Olivia Wilde to approach him?

In fact Olivia says they met several times, starting with a chance bump-in when Olivia did a cameo on Saturday Night Live in a skit with Andy Samberg in 2011 (ironically during a skit where Andy was teaching guys how to pick-up hotties using chess!)…

…And Jason never so much and asked for her phone number.

It wasn’t until Olivia asked her friend to go up to Jason and stuff Olivia’s phone number in his hand and tell him to use it that their romantic relationship – which is now headed towards baby-time – sparked off.

Speaking of baby news here’s a video:

So what’s Jason’s big secret? And how some of the prettiest models, singers and actresses like Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway, wind up dating guys who aren’t even famous?

Well it turns out that there’s more than fame when it comes to meeting and dating even the hottest girls.

Pretty girls everywhere covet confidence, respect, and sense of humor in a relationship.

But when it comes to sparking attraction there are tips that you can follow to up your chances.

Dating coach Josh Pellicer, author of the #1 best seller Tao of Badass, who’s appeared on the Today Show and his own Series Radio show says “Girls want what other girls want.”

For example the most popular guy at the party has a huge advantage over another guy – even if that other guy is actually more attractive, richer and more fun.

So it’s not always going directly for the girl that gets you the girl.

As in: Maybe Jason was doing himself a huge favor by NOT going hot and heavy for Olivia!

Tips For Dating Women Like Olivia


Rush! Directed by Ron Howard and with Olivia (Suzy Miller), Chris Hemsworth (James Hunt) and Daniel Bruhl (Niki Lauda) hits the big screen September 27th.

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olivia wilde rush

Here’s the 2nd Rush trailer:

Ok on a deep soulful level: Looks pretty good! Top Gun meets Formula 1. True story about a couple of racers – one of which, Niki Lauda of Ferrari, winds up in a horrific accident while racing in 1976.

Big comeback story. 6-weeks and 2 races later, face bandaged and bloody Lauda returns to take 4th, and walks with the Formula 1 crown the next year. James Hunt is the nemesis racing for Ferrari arch rival Mclaren.

Bottom line: Bruhl plays a combination of Maverick and Goose…while Chris Hemsworth is Ice Man. Wilde is a waaaay hotter version of Kelly McGillis (Except she’s with Ice Man. Ok so the Top Gun reference is a little strained!)

Now on a shallow level: Olivia is back to blonde and looking great! And Rush is rated R for nudity so… Heh let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ron Howard did the right thing! ;-)

On an even more shallow level: If I’m Jason Sudeikis (who just starred opposite Jennifer Aniston) I’m thinking…hmmm my woman with Thor…hmmm maybe I can get a superhero movie too…That last Wolverine was kind of shaky…maybe they want a replacement for Hugh Jackman. ;-) ;-)

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Olivia Wilde Drinking Buddies

July 25th Olivia Wilde’s latest movie, Drinking Buddies, hits theaters.

It’s about a couple that can’t quite seem to get together…except over beer.

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Here’s a Preview of Drinking Buddies that hit airwaves today:

Olivia Wilde stars oposite Jake Johnson with Anna Kendrick in a romantic comedy. The basic idea is the same as My Best Friend’s Wedding…except in this case instead of it just being the guy who’s getting married, with Olivia playing the part of Julia Roberts shamelessly chasing him, with Drinking Buddies Olivia’s in a relationship too. Sorta.

Oh and there’s a lot of beer. ;-)

Olivia Wilde Twitter news today includes this Hollywood Reporter article.

Here’s Olivia Wilde Drinking Buddies Interview:

This seems like a roll that Olivia Wilde has sorta played…kinda…but maybe not quite. She was edgier in the O.C… In Tron and Cowboys and Aliens it was an action movie. So we’ll see how Olivia Wilde does as Julia Roberts…And how Anna Kendrick does as Cameron Diaz.

And we’ll see how beer does as…well I’m sure the beer will at least put the audience in a jovial mood!

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Olivia On Twitter…

Celeb news is all abuzz with Olivia Twitter stories. From Beliebers (Justin Bieber’s fans) storming the castle on her Twitter account, to her marriage at 19 and speedy divorce to Tao Ruspoli, an Italian prince… and on to stories about her boyfriend (and now fiancé), actor Jason Sudekis, to bikini sightings and selfees, she is definitely addicted to twitter!

The former girl kissing star of the show the O.C., and Black Donnely’s love interest has since graduated to Tron Legacy and Coyboys and Aliens. But it almost seems that the main thing that she is famous for…is being famous!

The New York City born model actress has no shortage of newsworthy accounts dotting her career.

Picked as Maxim’s top hot up and comer shortly before her Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy role as Quorra, and staring on the cover of GQ in 2009, Olivia  was born Olivia Jane Cockburn (one can imagine that Maxim and GQ would have had a field day with THAT last name…oh never mind, they’ve already decided Wilde as a last name is a riot!)

Here’s a few choice moments from her CQ spread:

Olivia has confessed to being Twitter addicted. Recent Tweets include an offensive tattoo, a first time fight with her brother (NOT over Daft Punk, she assures us…whew!) 1970s photography and her sound guy’s comments about her throaty voice.

Ahh celebrity and the fame game in the social media age! More on Ms Wilde soon…

The Olivia Wilde Blog

Olivia Wilde Twitter | Olivia Wilde IMDB

Shortly before she appeared in Tron Legacy, Olivia Wilde was named #1 in Maxim’s top 100:

They got it right…

I remember the first time I saw Olivia Wilde, long before Tron Legacy. It was playing the not quite damsel in distress, Jenny Reilly, on Black Donnellys…a short lived but pretty interesting NBC show about how a sorta loveable crime family came to be.

Actually Jenny Reilly is the only character I remember from Black Donnellys, the rest was a blur of somewhat bumbling wanna be mafiosos. So I’ve got Olivia Wilde to thank for that. It turns out that she was on The O.C. in bits and pieces before that.

No doubt though her breakthrough was playing Quorra in Tron Legacy, the surprisingly sexy digital fembot who helps Garrett Hedlund’s Sam Flynn battle evil Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges).

She was also on House. But even though she’s in it, and my mom tried to get me to watch it…I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I just find it hard to believe that produces came up with enough “Olivia prancing around in lingerie and skin tight costumes” situations to make it worth the watch. But let me know if I’ve got it wrong!

Recently Olivia Wilde has become as famous for her Olivia Wilde Twitter account as for anything. Especially when she suffered a tidal wave of barbs from Belibers after she suggested that Justin Bieber wear a shirt during a recent trip to London. Touchy! She went on Jay Leno to explain the whole situation:

The New York born, model actress also recently headlined in Rush with Chris Hemsworth (Thor).

Word on the street is that the eagerly awaited Disney release of a Tron Legacy sequel is just around the corner in 2013 and will include Olivia. Bits of a Tron III trailer leaked late in 2011.

I’ve put together this blog with my friends Mike, Greg and David because I figure it will be fun to let other Olivia Wilde fans share in the hijinx…and hey you never know, maybe she’ll be surfing the web at 3 AM after a couple (or several!) glasses of wine and realize that she’s desperate to get in touch with me and find my email address,

(By the way us putting up this site has absolutely nothing to do with the rumors that Olivia Wilde has been considering hanging up her burgeoning film and modeling career to stalk me full time! Of course there’s no word of what her fiance Jason Sudeikis thinks on this. At we await comment.)

Anyways check bask as we add more images, videos and news (including even more juicy rumors!)

See you soon!

Chance Dresden

P.S. And Olivia, if you’re reading this, don’t be shy. You can hit me up any time ;-)