Jason Sudeikis Got Olivia Approach – Baby News

How Tom Brady got Gisele, or how Brad Pitt got Angelina probably isn’t a burning mystery for most guys.

You don’t need Nero Wolfe to figure out how Beckham got Posh Spice, or Kanye got Kim, or how Prince William got Kate.

But how did a pretty under-the-radar comic like Jason Sudeikis get Olivia Wilde to approach him?

In fact Olivia says they met several times, starting with a chance bump-in when Olivia did a cameo on Saturday Night Live in a skit with Andy Samberg in 2011 (ironically during a skit where Andy was teaching guys how to pick-up hotties using chess!)…

…And Jason never so much and asked for her phone number.

It wasn’t until Olivia asked her friend to go up to Jason and stuff Olivia’s phone number in his hand and tell him to use it that their romantic relationship – which is now headed towards baby-time – sparked off.

Speaking of baby news here’s a video:

So what’s Jason’s big secret? And how some of the prettiest models, singers and actresses like Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway, wind up dating guys who aren’t even famous?

Well it turns out that there’s more than fame when it comes to meeting and dating even the hottest girls.

Pretty girls everywhere covet confidence, respect, and sense of humor in a relationship.

But when it comes to sparking attraction there are tips that you can follow to up your chances.

Dating coach Josh Pellicer, author of the #1 best seller Tao of Badass, who’s appeared on the Today Show and his own Series Radio show says “Girls want what other girls want.”

For example the most popular guy at the party has a huge advantage over another guy – even if that other guy is actually more attractive, richer and more fun.

So it’s not always going directly for the girl that gets you the girl.

As in: Maybe Jason was doing himself a huge favor by NOT going hot and heavy for Olivia!

Tips For Dating Women Like Olivia


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